The Mackintosh Interpretation Centre,
The Lighthouse, Glasgow (with JSA)

Exhibition Architect: Gareth Hoskins Architects Building Architect: Page and Park

Faced with significant budget problems late in the project, a multi-faceted plan was devised to provide the client with the best possible lighting solutions. This included partial sponsorship deals brokered with lighting manufacturers, altering procurement routes to reduce costs and changing our own scope for the ‘Mack Room’, which formed part of the scope of the lighting design work.

The original brief for this gallery was to provide high quality, flexible, general purpose lighting as per the temporary exhibition spaces. The scope was changed to allow for a custom designed solution that responded directly with the design of this permanent exhibition ­ producing a saving of more than 10% and providing a better solution for the exhibition. Working closely with both Architects, lighting solutions were devised that provided minimum visual intrusion in the gallery whilst maximising the visual effect. For example, the lighting of the 5 storey tall spiral stair leading to the viewing tower was integrated into the structure of the staircase, allowing unimpeded views up and down the dramatic tower.


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