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Sportscity Art Screen Wall, Manchester (with JSA)
Architect: Trevor Horne Architects

As part of the urban regeneration of this area of Manchester which hosted the 2002 Commonwealth Games, the city council commissioned Trevor Horne Architects to create a distinctive and innovative screen between the busy main road approach to the Commonwealth Stadium and the new Asda-Walmart store beyond. Working closely with the architects throughout the process, the final scheme involved a 150m long decorative wall made of semi reflective perforated metal panels. Behind the panels is 450 dimmable coloured cold cathode tubes in custom waterproof luminaires, almost a kilometre of coloured cold cathode lighting.

Switching on automatically in the evening, the system comes alive and transforms the screen wall into a colourful and dynamic glowing structure. Dynamic lighting sequences are played out across the wall, inspired by the work of ground breaking mathematician and computer scientist Alan Turing who helped to crack the Enigma codes and was creator of the Turing Machine. As streaks of colour and light pass behind the metal screen, the head lights and tail lights of passing traffic are reflected by the perforated panels, creating an infinitely changing pattern of effects. The lighting control system was developed with Lee Engineering and included a visualisation system to allow sequences to be programmed off-site and presented to the client before the lighting was installed.

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