Sportscity Art Screen Wall detail (2)

Light Art: Selected Experience

Permanent Installations
Sportscity Art Screen Wall, Manchester (2)
‘Xylem’ The Hidden Gardens, Glasgow
‘Power Games’ Man-web Mathew St. Substation, Liverpool (2)
‘Nature Power Process’ Kokerei Zollverein, Essen (2)
Cairnryan Ferry Port Art Feature, with Sam Booth

Temporary Shows
‘Absence of Light’ light art installation and projection piece as part of the Fête des Lumières, Lyon, France
‘Tug Boat Ballet’ Ocean Terminal Launch Party, Edinburgh (2)
‘Contrast Exhibition’ ARC Gallery Edinburgh; multiperson lightart exhibition. Piece created with Keith Bradshaw
‘Elucidation’ 1993, two person show with Kevan Shaw, Crawford Arts Centre, St. Andrews
‘Spot Lit’ September 1992. Series of Night Time Installations by Malcolm Innes, Lucy Brown, Annie Cattrell, Phil Power and Kevan Shaw. Collective Gallery Edinburgh
‘Waterfall’ December 1993, Lightart Installation, Collective Gallery Edinburgh
One Person Show, Edinburgh College of Art Tapestry Department

(1) for Speirs and Major Associates
(2) for Jonathan Speirs and Associates